Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Story Through Shoes - Part 7

This is the last and final post for this little shoe experiment. I have been done for a while but have just been putting off taking the pictures and posting. I am actually sad to be done...I put a lot into this and I really enjoyed seeing what each shoe brought me each day. I have grown through this as odd as that sounds. Maybe I just thought of shoes as a piece of material that you own and throw away when you're done. Now, I think of shoes as a part of me; as a piece of my personality. Each pair of shoes add up to the perfect concoction of me.

Day 60 (Not worn but must be pictured)

These were my very first 1/2 marathon shoes. I literally cannot wear these shoes. Notice the inside of the heel. I had to cover that plastic with band aids and such to prevent gigantic blisters from forming on my heels. I finished this race with more joy than anyone could imagine, but promptly threw these shoes in the closet never to be worn again. I honestly think that I will never be able to get rid of these either.

Day 59:

Well, I honestly don't have any clue where or when I got these shoes. I think I ended up buying these my Senior year at PLU. I used these as hiking shoes mostly and workouts of course.

Day 58:

I bought these to go to Vegas one time. They look great, right?! Yeah, pieces of crap. I wore these one night in Vegas and left with ginormous blisters. So, I have only attempted to wear these a couple other times. I do love these because they are so cute and tiny.

Day 57:

I have owned these shoes since I was in 11th grade. I have a picture of myself wearing these shoes in one of those high school Valentine's Day photo things with all your girlfriends. Yeah of course I did that. These shoes have been through a number of emotions with me. They went through crying, laughter, sadness, happiness, solitude, etc. I would say these shoes carry the most with them. They actually broke today which is kind of sad.

Day 56:

Okay, so these were quite possibly the best deal ever! So Payless was having one of those buy-one-get-one-half-off deals and I was there and noticed a table with shoes that were $1. Would you have passed this up? So basically I paid less than $1 for these. I didn't see it then, but now I definitely see why they were $1 - so not cute!

Day 55:

These were my most recent Reef purchase. They are made with some sort of recycled materials, which makes them that much more cool. Not much to say but that I love that they are black. Maybe a girl needs a cute pair of black flips to bring some crazy to her life.

Day 54:

These flips were a gift from my mom in preparation for our celebratory trip to Maui. She took me when I graduated from college. She bought herself matching ones, which was a little odd for me being the age that I was. But, it was a mother-daughter bonding thing. They were my pool flips so they saw a ton of the water. If I could only bring myself back there every year my life would be complete.

Day 53:

These were received while I worked at the Boys and Girls Club. They have been my camping flip-flops because they are super comfortable and can handle the dirt. They have definitely seen their fair amount of dirt and rain. I also love that they are green!

Day 52:

I bought these to wear to the Elton John concert. I needed a taller black heal for my jeans. They aren't that comfortable so I hardly ever wear them. In fact just wearing them this one time I got 2 blisters just from walking from my apartment to my car and then from my car into my work building. They just need to be worn-in I guess.

Day 51:

I can't believe I still own these. I got these to wear with my favorite cute light pink dress. I wore these for my High School Junior Prom. Wow, that was so long ago. Crazy to think they still fit and are relatively comfortable. I know that dance had great memories and so these shoes had a great night that night.

Day 50:

I know that I bought these with the intent to wear these in Vegas and then I never ever wore them. So, I'm pretty sure that this is the first time these have been worn. I'll definitely have to wear them more because they are pretty comfortable. And, who doesn't want to wear a gold pair of heals.

Day 49:

These shoes are by far my worst purchase. I let some guy at the running store talk me into these and I totally regret it. I was able to have them last about 2.5 months. I then needed to rush out to buy a new pair of shoes just to run a 5K. Grrr! Sure, their teal and who wouldn't want that, but they gave my calfs the worst cramps possible. d

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Story Through Shoes - Part 6

I finally made it through the line of shoes sitting on my bedroom floor. I can't believe this is still going on! Well, actually I can :). No chit chat here...too many shoes to show off...

Day 48:

I bought these heels to go out for someone's birthday about 2 years ago. I have worn these with cute dresses and out on the town. It took me until now to get these shoes not to give me blisters. But I can say these shoes remind me of many nights of fun.

Day 47:

These were my Seafair Team Marathon shoes. Thank God they did away with that race! Love these shoes though! Mostly because their color is Chocolate - Need I say more?

Day 46:

Another pair of Old Navy flip flops! I bought these in my Senior year at PLU just before I graduated. I specifically bought them to wear with a pair of sage green capri's and a cute little black tank top. Is it sad that I know the first time I wore almost every pair of shoes I own?

Day 45:

These are an old pair of workout shoes. Once I figured out I highly dislike Nike shoes as running shoes these got put away. Well, these ones are so comfortable! So I think I'll bring these out a little more. See what steps these can take.

Day 44:

I have no idea how long I have owned these. I'm sure since High School. I don't think I've worn them in a year. Not sure why I even keep these. But I know they have seen better days!

Day 43:

These are so ugly! I bought these in High School as well. They were purchased I believe for a Homecoming dance or something. They definitely haven't been worn in at least a year. Not super comfortable but they were great today for my long jeans. I am starting to notice that I hold on to shoes for a long time no matter if they're still in style or not.

Day 42:

These have got to be my favorite Pumas. I saw these in the store and decided I couldn't buy them. Then I left and immediately began to regret my decision. I kept them on mind for weeks. Then I received a $100 Visa Gift Card from Rent.com. Hence why I own the shoes now! Whenever I wear these I feel so free. I feel like I should skip everywhere I go!

Day 41:

Yes, another pair of Asics! These were for my second half in Portland. These brought me my PR so I will forever love these shoes. A little cute that they are red, the symbol for love! I think I could sleep in these shoes and my feet would smile. Not everyone can say that about shoes.

Day 40:

Once again another pair of Old Navy flip flops. I think I bought these to match some crazy outfit. I tend to buy shoes that stand out sometimes so these must have stood out to me. I haven't worn these much so they still have that new feel. Well, you know the new I'm talking about when it comes to Old Navy flip flops. That hard foam that makes you feel like you just bought the best shoes...then you wear them like 10 times and realize you were extremely over zealous about it.

Day 39:

Reef's once again! These are so comfortable it's crazy. They feel almost like slippers for your summer feet! I went on a small adventure to buy these ones. While on a vacation to Ft. Lauderdale with my brother and sister I wanted to take a drive by myself for a while down the A1A. So, I took a little drive and saw this super cute surf shop by a Ben and Jerrys. So of course I stopped, and, well, that says it all. I walked out with a pair for me and a pair for my mom.

Day 38:

Well, as sad as it is, these were a result of shopping therapy. They are the newest addition. I love, love, love these shoes. If I could wear them every day I would. I feel bold and beautiful when these are one and perhaps that is the most important thing about these shoes right now.

Day 37:

Just a little pair of brown flippy shoes meant for a super casual dress. I bought these to match a new shirt I had bought to wear in NY. Well, of course my plan failed when I didn't have room to take the shoes to NY. I was then left with a pair of shoes that didn't have a purpose in my closet. Of course I kept them and now just wear them with a fun outfit.

Day 36:

My favorite black boots...oh wait...my only black boots! I love them though. A friend of mine gave these to me as a random hand-me-down. They had hardly been worn so it was a perfect deal for me. I have now worn them so much one of the heels is broken and if i lean back on the heels (I usually do this out of habit) too far the right one almost folds right under the actual shoe part.

Day 35:

These ones were a birthday gift from an ex-boyfriend. I've kept them I think almost 5 years looking almost as new as the day I bought them. I love these just as much as I love my green pumas. My favorite time to wear these is during the fall. For some reason they just make me think of Nonfat, No Whip Pumpkin Spice Lattes, colorful leaves, and pumpkin patches.

Day 34:

Yet another pair of Old Navy flip flops. They definitely don't have too much going for them except they sit in my shoe rack and only get worn to the mailbox sometimes. But, they are one of my favorite colors, so I hold on to them still.

Day 33:

These Old Navy flip flops were purchased on a whim with the intent to just pick up a pair of brown flip-flops. I bought these as an accessory to my brown belt. I think these flip-flops pushed me to purchasing the brown Reef's that I own. Why own just one brown flip-flop, right?

Day 32:

These little red heels were purchased on a whim. Saw them on a rack and tried them on then purchased. So here we are. I recently have become highly attracted to colorful shoes that can be worn with my emotions.

This post took me two days to type and I'm nearing the end. I really am learning a lot about myself and my life through shoes. Maybe you should try this experiment with something you own an overabundance of. Jackets? Rings? I feel like I am reliving the past and remembering every time I have worn each pair of shoes. It brings up all kinds of memories along the way. Plus, it's been fun trying to find outfits to match shoes rather than shoes to match my outfits.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My story Through Shoes - Part 5

Well, some have asked if I was going to give up this experiment of mine due to my recent roller coaster ride. I thought about it and thought about it. But, I can't stop now. Maybe it will soothe me.

Day 31:

These are my only brown boots. Why I only own one pair of brown boots is beyond me. Either way they are extremely comfortable and cozy, but definitely out of style. These carry a lot of memories and it is very possible that I will never wear these again mostly due to those memories. Either way they made it into the experiement.

Day 30:

UGH, how do I still own these? I stole these from my mom when I hurt my foot in college because they were the only shoe my swollen foot could fit in. So, there you have it. They have coffee stains and all. I am pretty sure I may give these away, but even in my hardened state of mind these days I still want to keep them around for the days I feel sick and want to wear crappy shoes in the rain.

Day 29:

Another pair of Sketchers that found their way into my closet. Seriously they are so comfortable. I bought these a couple years ago with the help of another. These shoes have seen nothing but fun; the streets of Vegas, the hills of Tahoe, the aisles of dozens of stores, the quaint shops of Bend...the list goes on. I think I'll keep these around a while.

There are many more to come! Trust me. But, in my need to be distracted in the last few weeks I have put everything aside and so a line of shoes sits in wait to have their pictures taken and posted in this story.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My story Through Shoes - Part 4

The story continues. I glanced at my shoe collection the other day and the inventory to choose from is beginning to get smaller. It's definitely getting harder to express my mood or personality in my shoes each day, but the story is still fun.

Day 28:

Another pair of Old Navy flip flops. Bought these ones to match a tank top I think. These were also another pair purchased for my summer jobs at Mission Springs. My heart felt bright the day I bought these. In fact I feel bright every day I wear these. Here's to tealish flip flops

Day 27:

My first Pumas! I have had these I believe since my senior year in High School. Notice the green on the puma sign. Come to think of it, I own a lot of green shoes. My soul must be green - so note to self, will need to research this. When I first got these shoes I would only wear them on dry pavement, then I slowly moved to wearing them to slightly damp pavement, then the story goes on. Notice the dirt on the top of these! Thanks to the rain and dirt at the fair. Didn't keep so clean today.

Day 26:

Okay, so I bought these because a catalog said they were red, and who doesn't want a red pair of flip flops with little bead things. Well, then I got them and found out they are more of a Salmon color. So, the result = buy a salmon color shirt. I can't wear these very long because the bead things make blisters on my feet. They're still cute, though.

Day 25:

Another pair of Reefs! These ones were a gift from the boy for our 1 year anniversary. I wanted them for an upcoming trip to Mexico. I love the colors, plus the secret slot in each sole that holds keys, money or cards. They are literally perfect! I couldn't have been more excited to be given these.

Day 24:

My fake Steve Maddens! These are my rainy day, sit on the couch, watch movies and drink coffee kind of shoes. They have definitely been used a ton and are getting kind of worn, but I can't get rid of them. I love them like you wouldn't believe. My only issue is that they make my feet look like clown feet with certain jeans. Otherwise, these shoes are fantastic.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Story Through Shoes - Part 3

Yes, I'm still on a roll - It's getting a little tough, though. I have run out of black shoes that can be worn to work so now I will start being really creative with outfits.

Day 23:

I've owned these since college and have loved them every time I have worn them. Every time I put them on I fear that the elastic on the buckle is going to break because I've worn them so much. I remember wearing these to classes, work, on a date, dancing, and so many other things.

Day 22:

This is the first time I wore these ones. Black flats (please note the red ones previously worn are in fact the same shoe in a different color) that I adore. I was hoping to wear these with a different outfit but needed black shoes for a workday - dang business casual on a random Monday.

Day 21:

Yet another pair of Reefs! I bought these without a second thought. Saw them on the rack, found my size, and grabbed. I didn't even look at the price. I love, love, love these! The color makes me feel so Summery! I definitely walked away after purchasing these realizing that I buy my shoes very spontaneously. Doing so brings me joy.

Day 20:

These are my feel-good, partial-earthy, brown and fun flip-flops. I bought these to match a dress for a wedding. If you notice there is a small khaki paint spot on the wooden ring on the right shoe. Yep, I got a discount for noticing that paint spot even though they were already on the clearance rack! I can find a discount a mile away.

Day 19:

Well, I guess these are just simple black wedges. I love the pink flowers on the soul of the shoe. Also the first time I have worn these but I can already tell I will love them. No real memories here, but I'm sure there are many to come.

Shoes explain so much about me. My mood each day comes straight through my shoes. Some people express themselves in their clothes. Me, shoes!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Story Through Shoes - Part 2

So I meant to be more up to date with this and post each day since my first post, but haven't felt great so here we go!

Day 15:

These shoes were purchased about 3.5 years ago when these were cute. I totally thought they went with work stuff, and now I hardly wear them. Maybe because they remind me of my mom too much. Basically they're alright but definitely not near the top of the list.

Day 16:

These are my go to on a hot day but I need to be work appropriate. Can't necessarily wear flip-flops but need to be cute but need to be casual. I think I've had these for at least 4 years so they've done pretty well. They are pretty fun, I think. The only bad thing about these ones are that the leather in between your toes definitely makes a nice little blister the first few times you wear them.

Day 17:

Yes, number one of many Old Navy Flip-Flops. I got these ones to go along with an outfit for trip number two to Santa Cruz to work at Mission Springs. The have seen many beaches and had many trips through the sun and dirts. Stayed pretty clean huh?! That's because they have definitely seen the shower too thanks to sandy beaches.

Day 18:

These were definitely purchase for work.. I'm pretty sure I loaned these to a few friends. They've been to a number of interviews so I'm not sure whether to be thankful for the shoes or totally pissed. Either way, they have stayed comfortable the whole time.

It's getting tough to find shoes some days because I want to wear certain things or am saving certain shoes for certain outfits. The end is not near that is for sure.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Story Through Shoes

Well, some of you have heard and some of you haven't. It all started with a challenge from my boyfriend and a little encouragement from a few friends, and now it's become more fun than I ever thought. The challenge was to wear one different pair of shoes each day not to repeat until I have cycled through my entire collection of shoes. I'm going to see how long it takes to go through my entire collection of shoes. I would like to document what I have learned about each shoe and perhaps what I have learned about myself and the world around me through the shoes I have purchased/kept over the years.

Day 1:

I bought these shoes on my way to a wine tasting instead of buying a present for my mom (oops!). They fit entirely in with the Wine Tasting crowd and are perfect for work. Quite possibly one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

Day 2:

Sketchers sure do know how to make good shoes. These are not only casual, comfortable, cushy, and work-appropriate they are also super fun! Yeah, I tend to definitely have some fun shoes and hopefully you'll see that in the rest of my shoes. I love these shoes and could wear them all the time if possible.

Day 3:

These are my first of many DSW purchases. I discovered DSW and these one pair of shoes alone are what kept me going back. Lot's of character in these shoes and lot's of memories of many restaurants and nights out. Believe it or not, they too are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

Day 4:

Yes, folks I have owned these shoes since I believe the 10th or 11th grade. Yes, they are quite possibly one of the ugliest shoes I still own. But, I can't for some reason get rid of them. They are super comfortable and work perfectly with my Target Jeans (yes Target does have great jeans). Plus they are sort of the lame workish shoe that unfortunately every girl still owns. For now they still get worn every once in a while.

Day 5:

Another fabulous DSW purchase. Steve Maddens that I loved at first until I realized that my feet hate them. It was only this day that I realized these shoes want my feet to end the day with 4 blisters and never see the shoes again. Despite this, it was really fun finding an outfit to match these shoes. Once I find a way to avoid the blisters I'll wear these ones all the time.

Day 6:

These were Half Marathon number 2. The Seattle Half brought these shoes to life and let them trek quite the distance. These also were my first pair of Asics and the pair of shoes that tought me that Asics are the best running shoes for my feet. I couldn't love these more.

Day 7:

A DSW purchase yet again. I bought these with the intent to have more comfortable shoes for work. Plus, it didn't hurt to have some cute brown flats for any necessary occasion. These for sure make my feet smile - If feet can smile that is. My note to people is that everyone should have at least one pair of brown flats. They go great with jeans, skirts, capris and shorts. Why wouldn't you want a pair?

Day 8:

MY FIRST REEFS! I purchased these Reefs at a "Going Out of Business" Sale at a surf shop in Scotts Valley, CA while working at Mission Springs. It was the same summer I learned to surf, discovered Jack Johnson, made lifelong friendships and learned how awesome running is (especially when near the ocean). These Reefs have been everything I have ever wanted in a flip-flop and more.

Day 9:

I bought these Steve Maddens at Nordstrom Rack with the boy and a really good friend. It was a great shopping day with two fantastic people. I'm starting to see that I'm not only attracted to fun shoes but the classy shoes with a little flair as well. Oh, and not to forget that good ol' Steve has designed some pretty awesome shoes. I can't wait to buy some more.

Day 10:

One of four of the most recent purchase. I saw these in an ad and had to have them. These are the shoes that actually started this whole challenge. I went to buy these shoes and left with four pairs of shoes...Eek! I wear my personality in my shoes and probably always have. Maybe I was feeling bold the day I bought these, but red shoes for sure say, "Me"!

Day 11:

Flats purchased in 2005 some time while shopping with an Ex. I honestly don't think I've worn these shoes in more than 6 months. This little challenge sure is forcing me to wear all the shoes I haven't worn in a while. These are slightly too big and a little crazy, but I re-learned just how comfortable they really are. I'll definitely be busting these out more.

Day 12:

These were a spur-of-the-moment purchase. Puma's that I only wear with the right outfit because they are a light shade of green and brown. So comfortable and sort of warms my soul every time I put my feet in them. It must be noted that this picture was taken while at the Mariner/Yankee game - Yes, the Mariners won!!

Day 13:

My second pair of Reefs! The bottle openers on the bottom were a huge sell to the family and friends. These too are one of the most comfortable flip-flops I own. This purchase was encouraged by the boy about two years ago. I couldn't regret this purchase less. The best part about these...my two favorite colors!!

Day 14:

Borns!!! I bought these to have a pair of more dressy brown flip-flops. Wearing them is for sure like walking on air. I could wear these all the time. They are right up there with every pair of Reef's I own.

So far, I've learned that I buy shoes for comfort and for style. Do they match an outfit? Can I create an outfit to match my shoes? I am a shoe hound and love having shoes for every outfit...hence the challenge. But, maybe the character in my shoes only goes to show that I love being spontaneous and fun.

More to come!!!